The details of the craftsmanship, skills, and professionalism of our staff are what set Bod’or apart. Experience spanning many years, engineering, craftsmanship, and design come together at our factory in Bocholt. This is where we manufacture our door sets for the domestic and international market. After machine processing, the door plate surfaces are treated and finished manually. Each door is carefully sanded, varnished, and sprayed by hand.

Striving for quality

Right down to the minutest detail, our people always strive for quality. Not only our people at the factory, but every single Bod’or employee is invariably motivated to get better at everything we do. We do this together. It is in our character, we share the same passion, dedication, and commitment.


Materials are the basis

Delivering premium quality begins with choosing the right materials. Our specialists are always scouring the globe looking for the best materials. Given that the door sets must last for many years, stability and easy opening and closing are key features. We make a careful selection of the base construction and the types of veneer. For the finish and optimum protection of our doors, we use manual varnish systems and use varnishes and paints that meet the highest quality standards. Thanks to the ample choice of RAL, NCS, and Sikkens paint colours, our doors can be made to match any interior.